Those who live in Scotland or are planning a trip there can find a lot of information on Edinburgh Pools, which has all of the latest news as well as information on each of the land based casinos that you can find in the country. You can also read about online gambling, and the articles will tell you about everything from tournaments taking place in Scotland to VIP gambling trips which are available there to simple stories of local gamblers and big wins which bring more of a personality back into the idea of gambling, whether online or off.


If you are looking to spend some time gambling while you are in Scotland, then you will be pleased to know that there are a wide range of casinos in Edinburgh which you can visit if you would like to do so. This will give you the freedom of choice to go wherever takes your fancy, so make sure that you take the time to see what kind of venues are on offer before you decide on where to go. Whether you choose a place because it has what you are looking for or just because it is closer to you, there is plenty of excitement to be had in this city!

  • Gala Casino in Edinburgh
  • Genting Casino in Edinburgh
  • Maxims Casino in Edinburgh
  • Maybury Casino in Edinburgh
  • Mint Casino in Edinburgh
  • Royal Bingo in Edinburgh
  • Stanley Casino in Edinburgh

We will start off our round up of all of the different chains, brands, and individual venues which you can find amongst the casinos in Edinburgh with the Maybury Casino, Edinburgh. This was formerly known as the Stakis Maybury Casino but has since changed ownership, and can still be found at the same spot on 1 to 5 South Maybury Road. You can call ahead if you would like to know more details about the venue or you can visit their website for the latest information, though of course many of the details that you need to know here are standard: yes, you have to be over the age of eighteen if you want to go inside, as you would elsewhere, and yes, there is disabled access. There are toilets on the ground floor as well as a lift to the upper level, so those who are in a wheelchair or are less able to get around should have no problem at all. There is no need to pay a membership fee in order to get inside, and indeed there is no need to register at all, though you may wish to do so anyway in order to be able to take advantage of the bonus offers which might come available to you if you play at the casino on a regular basis. There is a smart casual dress code in place, and they specifically ask that you do not wear football shirts if you are planning to go inside the casino as these can cause tension and tend to look quite scruffy.

If you are looking at the list of casinos in Edinburgh and wondering about the fact that there also seems to be a Gala Casino, Edinburgh in Maybury, this is because it is Gala who took over the casino most recently, meaning that they are the brand which you will currently find there. The casino opens at 12pm every day so that you can go down for the whole afternoon, and stay for the evening and night as well as it all closes down at 5am the next morning. There are quite a few different options available in terms of games, as you will be able to play on twenty slot machine games which include a ₤4000 jackpot; forty nine electronic touchbet roulette machines on which the minimum bet is 10p; six live American roulette tables with a minimum bet of 50p; two blackjack tables starting at ₤2 a play; two three card poker or brag tables with a minimum of ₤2; one Blackjackpot table with ₤2 minimums; and a card room which features Texas hold'em poker games. Should you wish to get some refreshments while you are there, you can also enjoy a restaurant and bar which will keep your spirits up and your stomach full, including a cocktail menu. There is an Air Lounge which is a dedicated smoking area, as well as parking for up to one hundred cars for free at the building. This should allow you to make your visit much more easily! You can also count on being able to take advantage of a large number of promotions whether you are a member of the casino chain or not, as they have offers and events going on all year round which will make things a lot more exciting for you in all ways.

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