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A lucky couple won 14.5 million Euros after winning The National Lottery. The lucky couple from Glenageary in Co. Dublin won the fifth biggest lotto jackpot since the game began in 1988. They were over the moon when their lucky lotto numbers cam up 10 days ago. The couple have opted to stay anonymous but are looking forward to taking care of their family and being debt free for the first time in their lives. They plan to take the trip of a lifetime to the Great Barrier Reef, buy a new car each and a season ticket for the husband's favourite football team.

Also a lucky ₤2 million Lottery winner has come forward. It seems the winning ticket was bought in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A National Lottery spokesman said:

"We're delighted that the winner of this prize has now come forward and we hope that they will enjoy their win."

It would have awful had the winner not claimed their prize. The money is a life changing amount and there is one foolproof way of playing the lottery. If you play online, your e ticket is tracked by Camelot and they even email if you are a winner.

Scottish Lottery Prizes for Scottish Lottery Players!

Edinburgh should get more out of the lottery.

Who isn't tired of hearing about some borough in London getting ₤8 million for a gold-plated dog park while neighbourhoods in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen struggle to get by? Since 1994, Edinburgh has only seen ₤2.6 billion out of the ₤31 billion in Good Causes revenue raised from National Lottery ticket sales.1 So, you'll be pleased to hear we have a valid alternative.

If we can determine our own destiny and vote "yes" for independence, we can work towards a Lottery that will solely benefit Edinburgh.

About 1.6 million Scottish households play the lottery - that's a whopping 70 percent! Now imagine what we could do together if our money stays in the country.

Better Apart - Better Take Part

Let's say that each of these 1.6 million households purchases one Lotto ticket each week. As 28p of every ₤1 in sales currently goes to the Good Causes Fund and 12% is taken in tax, that's ₤1,280,000 a week and ₤66.6 million per year that we could have entirely to ourselves if we had a Lottery for Scotland. We could fund educational initiatives, help our elderly, subsidise prescriptions, give rural communities greater access to the rest of the country and promote Scottish art for the Scottish people.

On top of that, the prize money will go to Scots who play a Scottish lottery - putting more money into our economy.

Edinburgh is ready for a lottery that can carry them into the future and we're going to keep you posted on everything that will happen.

Check back for updates!

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